Since 1989 Renowned Hypnotist Diane Edwards has been creating Hypnosis Audios, helping thousands of people become Happier, Healthier, Thinner,
more Confident, more Productive
... and Diane can help you too!

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Just Imagine… relaxing in a comfy chair or bed. You put on your headphones and close your eyes, waiting for the blissful visualization experience of your Hypnosis Audio to begin.

Twenty minutes later, you emerge feeling like a new person — knowing that your wishes are already starting to manifest in your life and you are effortlessly moving forward toward your goals.

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Listen to these Best Self-Hypnosis Audios by award-winning Master Hypnotherapist Diane Edwards, and Change Your Life!

Weight Loss

All Single Audios $24.95

All Single Audios only $24.95

Eliminate Addictions

Are you struggling to overcome a difficult addiction?

These Self-Hypnosis Audios can help to curb those cravings, and stop you being a slave to your habit...
Put an end to your addiction for good… in just minutes per day, easily and effortlessly

All Single Audios only $24.95

Increase your Income

All Single Audios only $24.95

Improve Your Health

All Single Audios only $24.95

Improve Your Life

All Single Audios $24.95

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