Diane Edwards Certified Master Hypnotherapist
offers you her very best Downloadable Hypnosis Audios

These Hypnosis Audios will help you “rewire” your Subconscious Mind
to help you be happier, thinner, richer, more creative, confident, abundant,
and healthier… What ever you want… you can create!

Just Imagine… you look at your list of life-changes you want to accomplish. You then relax in a comfy chair or on your bed, put on your headphones, and close your eyes, waiting for the blissful visualization experience of Hypnosis to begin. Twenty minutes later, you emerge feeling like a new person — knowing that your wishes are already starting to manifest in your life, and you are effortlessly moving forward toward your goals. It’s Amazing how well Hypnosis works.

Please watch and listen to this short video by Diane Edwards

“All you need to do is pop on your headphones from your computer, your Phone, MP3 or tablet, and relax. Your limiting beliefs and perceptions begin to shift and powerful beneficial changes starts to happen.” Download one of my audios that fits you best and experience the difference that Hypnosis can help make in your life.
Discover how much more you’re capable of doing.”

Diane Edwards

Diane Edwards Hypnosis Downloadable Audios are a safe, natural, quick and highly effective method
of Producing Lasting and Profound Life Change. 

  All Audios are 100% Downloadable to Any Device

Hard-Copy CD’s are $24.95 (including postage)
Please email me below with the titles of the ones you would like in CD fomat





These Audios will Help you Create a Positive Wealth Mindset


Diane Edwards has spent over 28 years help­ing peo­ple just like you make
mas­sive pos­i­tive changes in their life using the power of Hyp­no­sis.
If you are going to trust some­one to re-program your sub­con­scious mind – bet­ter trust a tried and tested pro­fes­sional.
Diane Edwards is that pro­fes­sional!

Hard-Copy CD’s are $24.95 (including postage)
Please email me below with the titles of the ones you would like in CD fomat

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