Some of the People Who Have Successfully Made Changes Thanks to Diane’s Audios

hypnosis_san_diego   “Hi Diane, I just wanted to let you know that I had my first weigh in at Weightwatchers last night and I’m down 5lbs! Amazing!! I’m doing really well and enjoying my new outlook on life and eating. I’m so much happier in myself and my life doesn’t revolve around what I can stuff into my face!! Thanks to your audio I’ve found it really easy and I’ve had several challenges which I’ve had no problems facing. Thank you very much and I’ll keep you posted.”  Barbra P Boise ID



hypnosis_san_diego   “I cannot thank you enough for the improvements that I have already experienced. I have been able to get off to sleep without any problem almost every night! I still think to myself “will I really be able to get to sleep?” but it’s so much better! I feel so much calmer generally, and hopefully I’ll soon be off sleeping pills. I keep reminding myself that I don’t need to stress anymore. I have hypnosis.”    Sheila K Alaska



hypnosis_san_diego   “Thank you for giving me back my energy. Your audios have made such a huge difference. I’m back in the Gym every day and feel great. Thank you so much”. Tim N  Fort Lauderdale, FL



hypnosis_san_diego   “Thanks to your recording I am now sleeping through the whole night more regularly, which I never even used to do. And I feel much clearer headed and calmer in myself as well, and just more comfortable and relaxed. Thank you so much.”  William V  Melbourne Australia



hypnosis_san_diego   “I finally gave my first real speech and it went off great. I was nervous just in the beginning but for some reason I settled down and I was SO relaxed. I would never have believed this could happen. Thank you so much for creating such effective recordings”.  Helen P. Vancouver Canada



hypnosis_san_diego “My main problem was alcohol, and I have not had a drink since listening to your CD. I have already recommended these audios to all my friends that are struggling. I am indebted beyond words.”   Steph K New York


hypnosis_san_diego“Listening to these audios have been the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I was dealing with a few different issues and now I feel like a different person. Like a huge weight has been lifted off me. I can’t thank Diane enough and highly recommend these to anyone wanting to make changes.”
Bernice W. Hus­ton TX




Weight Loss

Some of the People Who Have Successfully Lost Weight Thanks to Diane

hypnosis_san_diego “I had profound changes in my life from the very first time I listened to Diane. I even took food home from a restaurant! I am finally in control of my eating and I feel great!” S.G., Coronado: 

hypnosis_san_diego   P.J., San Diego: “It seems so good not to think diet all the time. The pounds melted away with no conscious effort. It is so exciting — a new way of thinking and acting with absolutely no struggle. Thank you, Diane.”

hypnosis_san_diego   S.M., San Diego: “For me the obsession to eat left almost immediately. When I was nervous the first thing I wanted to do was eat. Now that has changed automatically and it’s getting easier every day.”

hypnosis_san_diego   P.K.  Escondido CA “Just a short shout-out to let you know what a huge difference you’ve made in my life. I was nervous in the beginning, as you well know, but you made me feel so comfortable and for the first time in my life I felt that someone actually ‘heard’ me. I can’t tell you how good that felt. The audio you made me    is keeping the changes going strong. Thank you SO much and I’m sending all my friends to you too.”            

hypnosis_san_diego   M.M. Los Angeles, CA: “After having my last child I seemed to have a major problem losing weight. I tried every diet, could lose the weight, but would only put it back on again. I was totally frustrated and had almost given up when a friend told me about Diane Edwards. After only a few visits to Diane I was able to take back control of my eating, had a much better understanding of why I was sabotaging myself and was finally able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Diane seems to have tremendous insight and I have referred her to so many people who all say the same thing — she’s the best!”

hypnosis_san_diego   B.S. San Diego, CA: “When I went to see Diane Edwards I was desperate. I was on a yo-yo train and couldn’t seem to get off. My weight was going up and up, totally out of control. Going to see Diane was a last resort for me, as I didn’t even believe in Hypnosis so, needless to say I was very skeptical. Seeing Diane was the best thing I ever did as she helped me understand that I was totally sabotaging myself. She also helped me understand why. In years of conventional therapy no one had ever identified the connections that Diane pointed out. She truly is an amazing lady, with tremendous insights, and I recommend her to everyone I know. Thanks to Diane I no longer have a weight problem!”

hypnosis_san_diego   C. G. San Diego: “I am doing GREAT with your “lose weight” hypnosis program. I was even out of town for 5 days and a little nervous that I would fall back into my old yucky eating habits. But I was impeccable with ALL of my choices, and most miraculously, it was not hard to do. I did panic a little when the batteries on my cassette player went out one night. I thought for sure I’d be pigging out the next day since it had only been a few days since the class and I wasn’t able to listen to all of my tapes. But I did just fine and was quite relieved, and got new batteries by the end of the day so I could get back on track immediately. Diane, thank you SO much for the wonderful work you do!! Wish I would’ve gone to your classes years ago, had I known. I appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and look forward to always being in touch with you.”

hypnosis_san_diego   C. P. Carlsbad, CA: “Just a quick note to let you know that I definitely see a shift after our meeting on Monday. I have been very conscious of what I am “telling myself” and have been “canceling” any negative thoughts. I “feel” lighter already and am excited about this shift. Thank you for working your magic on me, Diane…and I will keep you posted!”