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Symptoms of Insomnia can include sleepiness during the day, irritability, illness, bad concentration or memory and alot more.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling and/or staying asleep. People with insomnia have one or more of the following symptoms:

* Difficulty Falling Asleep
* Wake up during the Night — trouble going back to Sleep
* Wake up too Early in the Morning
* Feeling Tired upon Waking
* Low Immune System
* Overeating or Weight Gain
* No Energy or Motivation
* Increase of Alcohol or Medication

Falling asleep sounds easy, but the reality is many of us struggle with lack of sleep on a regular basis. It’s a frustrating feeling not being able to sleep. You can Sleep easily using Hypnosis.

Have you turned to medication for relief? Maybe you have given up all together and forced yourself to accept these sleepless nights as just a fact of life. Lying awake trying to fall off to sleep can be miserable. Too tired to do anything else but not tired enough to sleep. And the harder you try, the worse it gets.

When the conscious mind is busy with worry, anxiety, fears, or emotional conflicts, the brain has a hard time letting go. You might lie in bed tossing and turning, your mind racing with worries and lists of things to do.

Some people go over and over their day, worry about tomorrow, repeat endless conversations with their inner voice, or just worry so much about not being able to sleep that they indeed cannot sleep! The minutes turn to hours as dawn approaches.

Some people flip through TV channels, check email or thumb pages of books hoping their mind will be distracted just long enough to drift into sleep. Yet night after night the insomnia remains.

If this sounds like you, don't wait any longer
Use HYPNOSIS to help you Sleep!

Read what others say....

“What a huge difference...

“I thought I’d have to live with bad sleeping until I found this audio. What a difference! I play it every night and next thing I know it’s morning! Dianes voice is calm and soothing and I can’t thank her enough.”
Jim K. New Orleans

“I'm a believer...

I play the audio every night. Even when I go to the bathroom I can now go back to sleep as soon as I go back to bed. I’m getting 8 – 9.5 hours of sleep a night in spite of the interruptions. It’s amazing… thank you so much Diane. Now I’m a believer! 
M.W. El Centro

“what a change...

I’ve been listening to this audio every night before I go to sleep. I love falling asleep to Diane’s voice! I was truly skeptical but, with a money-back-guarantee, I had nothing to lose. I would highly recommend this very inexpensive way to sleep better. It sure worked for me.
  Helen F.  Dayton, Ohio

Worrying about insomnia creates more insomnia.
The more we focus on not sleeping, the worse it gets!

If you have insomnia, you know the problem. You’re always anxious just in case you’re awake all night. You start worrying early in the day about whether or not you are actually going to be able to sleep that night. And once you miss a night of sleep, you worry even more about not sleeping the next night. And this PERPETUATES the problem.

Now for the Good News!
You CAN start TONIGHT!

You CAN develop a regular sleeping pattern
You CAN say goodbye to the frustration of restless sleep.
You CAN enjoy deep, restful sleep!
You CAN sleep all through the night.
You CAN wake up feeling rested and refreshed!
You CAN eliminate your sleep medication
You CAN be more productive

All without the use of drugs!

Better sleep equals more energy, better focus, more optimism and better fitness. You’ll even look better! Science is continually becoming more aware of the health benefits of good quality sleep. Proper sleep helps us live longer, have a better functioning immune system to fight illness and disease, concentrate and remember better, have more stable moods and even stay slimmer! 

Don't put it off any longer... Use HYPNOSIS to help you Sleep!

Hypnosis can retrain your mind and body to fall asleep easily and naturally, eliminating those pesky racing thoughts.

The relaxation techniques used in this audio will make it possible for you to have a good night’s sleep. You will enjoy going to bed, falling asleep quickly without even thinking about it. You can experience a wonderful relaxing, sleep-inducing hypnosis session that will enable you to drift off effortlessly.

Unlike other hypnosis sessions, this download does not “bring you back to the room” after the hypnosis. Instead it tapers off quietly allowing you to drift off to sleep.

Use the power of your mind and the relaxing effects of hypnosis help you sleep peacefully through the night.

Let Diane guide you into a wonderful Calm, Relaxed Sleep!


Diane Edwards has been a Master Hypnotherapist since 1989 and is among the most highly respected and highly trained Hypnotherapists in the United States, with advanced degrees credentialed by such organizations as The American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists and many more.

Utilizing the latest in hypnotic technology and a keen attention to details, Diane’s unique audios offer the highest level of expertise in helping create deep, quick and lasting change in the shortest time possible, helping many thousands make positive changes in their lives.

Hypnosis Audios are a safe, natural, quick and highly effective method of producing lasting and profound change.    


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