Your Own Custom Audio
by Diane Edwards

Are you tired of listening to Generic Hypnosis Audios that don't address your Specific Situation? Don't have Time or Money for a Personal Visit to a Hypnotherapist?
  Then a Custom Hypnosis MP3 Audio from Diane Edwards is the Perfect Solution!

Please know that this is NOT a Cookie Cutter Audio!

Many custom hypnosis audios are described as “custom” or “personalized”, but really, they are generic recordings with your name added in.

Diane will take the time to connect with you via e-mail and  phone with lots of questions, so she can be sure to get a true understanding of your issue and goals before any recording is ever created.

By taking the time to connect with you and learn about the issue you’d like to work on, this makes for a MORE EFFECTIVE Hypnosis audio. Your custom hypnosis mp3 audio will be personally recorded by Diane, and will be specifically designed for you and your needs.

This is truly a CUSTOM recording

It can be everything you need it to be! And best of all, you can listen to it as often as you like in the comfort of your own home.

You don't have to keep struggling. Read what others say...

"I never really believed in Hypnosis but many of my friends were raving about the changes they made with Diane. So I thought I'd start with an audio. I can't even begin to say how amazed I was. I was calmer, I slept so much better, my appetite decreased, I had more energy... I could go on and on. Even my family noticed the difference. I think I'll be listening to this for the rest of my life! Getting those audios was the best thing I've ever done! Thank you for making them so perfect for me" 

"I was really skeptical in the beginning but after listening to my recording things started to change.  At first it was subtle I didn't even realize it, but others noticed. Then, I slowly began to feel different about myself. And after a couple of weeks  I felt really motivated to go to the Gym (very different for me!!), I didn't seem to want any junk food (very different for me),  and I feel better than I've felt in my entire life! I'm even down 2 clothes sizes! I'm absolutely thrilled. Just thought I'd let you know."

Hypnosis Audio Suggestions

Because this is a 100% customized recording, there is no topic that can’t be covered.
This list has been compiled to give you some ideas – but  you are not limited to any of these

· Relationship Issues

· Healthy Relationships

· No More Junk Food

· Financial Abundance

· Motivation

· Sports Performance

· Weight Loss

· Eating Disorders

· Overcome Addictions

· Phobias

· Meditation

· Social Anxiety or Shyness

· Job or Sales Performance

· Sleep Issues

· Passing Tests

· Procrastination

· Confidence in School

· Pain Management

· Stress or Anxiety

· Smoking Cessation

· Fear of Flying

… and more

Custom Hypnosis Audios
are the absolute b
est way to experience the benefits of having a ‘one-on-one’ personal hypnosis session with Diane without even leaving your home. Better still, you can use this personalized session over and over again in compete privacy & comfort to make immense positive changes to your life. Having a personalized recording means that ultimately the entire session is tailored for what will work best for you. This means you can directly address your specific issues or goals, and your name is included on the recording. It really is a completely customized process in which you will be given a MP3 download or CD which you can keep and use forever.

The Benefits of Making a Customized Recording

  • Diane can help you with any type of issue. 
  • Diane can directly address very specific issues that are unique to you.
  • You can tell Diane if there is something you do not like – e.g. you may not like heights or the beach, so there will be no mention of going to those places in the script.
  • Alternatively, there may be something that you really do like – e.g the beach, so Diane can incorporate this into parts of the script.
  • The personalized approach including addressing you by your name helps create a sense of ownership & individuality which can really help help the effectiveness of the process.
  • You can choose a background so that the overall listening experience is tailored to how you like it.

About the Information You Provide

Upon checkout you will be emailed a form to fill out for what you would like on your session. This allows Diane to obtain all the necessary information to create the best recording for your specific needs. All the information you provide is 100% confidential. Upon completion, you will be emailed a MP3 download link or shipped a physical CD depending on which option you choose.

Diane offers 3 Types of Audios…

Most Hypnosis Audios offer just one type of recording — one that only addresses the sub-conscious mind.

Most of our old negative programs do come from the subconscious mind but we also do behaviors consciously, and therefore it is imperative that we also address the conscious mind and all parts in between.

Imagine having a selection of audios that include ALL parts of the mind!

 Audio #1  –  Relaxation Audio   Personal for you
This is the most powerful Hypnosis Audio. Can only be used when relaxing and when listened to repeatedly  it can help transform your mind and your life easier than you ever thought possible.

 Audio #2  –  Affirmations Audio   Personal for you
Perfect for the Car! This ‘Repeat-After-Me’ Audio can be listened to anywhere, anytime, to help bombard your mind with Positive Healthy affirmations. A must if you drive! If you listen consistently, you will actually feel the changes happening.

Audio #3  –  Subliminal Audio   Personal for you
All positive messages are embedded UNDER the sounds of the Ocean so you can listen to this anywhere, anytime and no one will ever even know! Messages are subliminally directed to right and left brain, being deeply absorbed for supporting new positive changes – great for sleep or playing on your computer! 

All Personal MP3 Audios are only $160 each (often sold for over $400)
If you want all 3 cost is $295 (save $185)

Please Email Diane HERE and get started TODAY!

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