Special Audios For Children

Help your Child Sleep Better Stay Calm
and be Smarter using a Special Kids Audio

Children need a good night’s sleep to be calmer and smarter.

Kids today are under an enormous amount of stress — even the younger ones. We want them to succeed. We want them to be happy. We want them to do well.

Yet kids have to deal with so much negative pressure, no matter how much we try to protect them. It’s not easy to reach full potential under such conditions.


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* Children respond exceptionally well to hypnosis.

* Hypnosis is a life-long gift you can give your children.

* Children respond to hypnosis recordings from as young as 6 years old.

* Children make the best hypnotic subjects because they have great imaginations 

* Use hypnosis to increase a child’s confidence, positive attitude, and scholastic ability.

When children listen to repetitive positive affirmations as they go to sleep,
they have less stress, sleep better, and the repetition of the suggestions
make a lasting, permanent impression upon their minds.

Hypnosis Audios are a fun, easy way to help kids feel more confident.
Kids are very open to suggestions, and are more familiar with using their imagination than adults.
So why not take advantage of this ability to help them be more confident and happy?

Give your child a positive way to deal with the world and themselves

These Audios offer a soothing and comforting way for kids to drift off into their own dreams while IMPLANTING POWERFUL POSITIVE SUGGESTIONS so they can overcome typical fears and pressures.

There are pressures of school-work, fitting in with their friends, getting on well with siblings and parents, as well as building feelings of self-worth and self-respect.

Let’s face it, most of the problems and issues that we have today came from way back when we were children.

Just think, if we had some tools at that time, our lives would have been so different, so much easier.

This Set of 2 Downloadable Audios are very unique,
in fact you will not find them anywhere else, as they combine both conscious and sub-conscious programming.

The first part of both Audios is talking, helping the child to relax and go to sleep, while the second half is subliminal.

All the child hears is the very relaxing familiar music, and under that music are very powerful suggestions to help the child feel strong, confident and creative.

And… because there are 2 Audios, the child can make the choice of which they would like to listen to. This is another way to give power to a child!

Audio #1 is Mountain-Climbing 
Audio #2 is being at the Beach

The subliminal messages are varied. They include thoughts like:
I am happy:
I am important :
I do well in school:
I believe in myself:
I am good enough:
I feel good about me:
People like me and I like them:
and many many more

If you know of any children between the ages of 3 -13 years, 
give them the gift of confidence, power and a non-stop belief in themselves.

If Hypnosis works so well for us grown-ups, think what it can do for children!!!


 If you want Hard-Copy CD’s –  $35 total – CLICK HERE)

This normally sells for $49.95

For a Limited Time ONLY...

This is a great price
And it's downloadable for immediate use

just … $24.95


Diane Edwards has been a Master Hypnotherapist since 1989 and is among the most highly respected and highly trained Hypnotherapists in the United States, with advanced degrees credentialed by such organizations as The American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists and many more.

Utilizing the latest in hypnotic technology and a keen attention to details, Diane’s unique audios offer the highest level of expertise in helping create deep, quick and lasting change in the shortest time possible, helping many thousands make positive changes in their lives.

Hypnosis Audios are a safe, natural, quick and highly effective method of producing lasting and profound change.    


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