Do you want to overcome Erectile Dysfunction
and enjoy a healthy satisfying sex life
with no pills or devices?


The inability to get an erection is extremely common. But because of the sensitive nature of this problem it is often hard for men to seek help because of the embarrassment they feel about it – as if it was somehow ‘their fault’.

Even when you are comfortable with your partner it can sometimes feel like you are under pressure to perform.

Maybe you had a problem once before and now every time the opportunity for intimacy arises you find yourself filled with anxiety.

Maybe you feel embarrassed or afraid it will happen again.

And because of that you’re not able to relax and fully enjoy the moment.

Does this sound familiar?


The power of our mind can be our strongest asset and at the same time it can be the cause of tremendous stress. We know that our minds and bodies are connected, but ‘thinking’ too much can actually contribute to erectile dysfunction. This doesn’t mean you just need to forget about it and everything will work itself out. Instead you must find a way to calm your mind before your body can react.

Is this Familiar?

You’re having fun and getting closer.

You remember the last time when it didn’t go well 

Fear sets into your mind and start to feel nervous

 This causes you to worry more

You’re embarrassed that your partner will see how nervous you are

If only you could relax and enjoy the experience 

The more you ‘think’ about it the worse it gets

And because of that... nothing works!

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Feel aroused again
  • Allow your body to work naturally
  • Experience more passion
  • Recharge your sex life.
  • Satisfy your partner
  • Reclaim your confidence
  • and much more….
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Now for the Good News and YES, there IS good news!

Say goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction and Hello to Passion!

This very special Self-Hypnosis Audio has been designed to ‘RE-PROGRAM’ your SUB-CONSIOUS mind to help you improve your sex life and enjoy hours of satisfying sexual pleasure!.

This Audio is a fantastic way to make noticeable improvements in your sex life, reprogramming you to get and keep an erection again.

It includes a range of advanced hypnotherapy techniques that can help you let go of any past experiences and negative thoughts and replace them with newer, better, more effective ways of thinking, feeling and acting, so you can break the vicious cycle of anxiety.

Use the power of your mind and the relaxing effects of hypnosis help you overcome Erectile Dysfunction.

Let Hypnosis guide you to a Wonderful, Relaxed and Positive Sexual Experience!


Diane Edwards has been a Master Hypnotherapist since 1989 and is among the most highly respected and highly trained Hypnotherapists in the United States, with advanced degrees credentialed by such organizations as The American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists and many more.

Utilizing the latest in hypnotic technology and a keen attention to details, Diane’s unique audios offer the highest level of expertise in helping create deep, quick and lasting change in the shortest time possible, helping many thousands make positive changes in their lives.

Hypnosis Audios are a safe, natural, quick and highly effective method of producing lasting and profound change.    

 Imagine… you relax in a comfy chair or on your bed, put on this audio, and close your eyes, waiting for the blissful visualization experience of Hypnosis to begin. 
Twenty minutes later, you emerge feeling like a new person — knowing that your wishes are already starting to manifest in your life, and you are effortlessly moving forward toward your desired goal. It’s AMAZING how well Hypnosis works.

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