About Diane Edwards

  Diane Edwards is among the most highly respected and highly trained Hypnotherapists in the United States, with advanced degrees credentialed by such organizations as The American Board of Hypnotherapy, the National Guild of Hypnotists and many more.

  Diane has been a guest on numerous TV shows and is a highly recognized and leading authority in the field of all addictive behaviors. Diane is uniquely qualified and seriously committed to helping people quit smoking, lose weight, eliminate fears and phobias or change bad habits. She believes strongly in her work and in her ability to empower people to change their lives for the better.

  Diane is gifted with an uncanny ability to understand people and is one of the country’s top Mental Lap Band practitioners. That is using hypnosis to convince the mind you have actually had lap band surgery. The results are the same as the procedure — with absolutely no surgery!

  Utilizing the latest in hypnotic technology and a keen attention to details, Diane’s unique audios offer the highest level of expertise in helping create deep, quick and lasting change in the shortest time possible, helping many thousands make positive changes in their lives.

Serving World Wide..USA, England, Australia, Los Angeles, San Diego. San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, New York, Phoenix, Boise, Denver, Nashville, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Sante Fe, Austin, Miami, Atlanta, St. Paul, Hawaii, Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Austin, Houston, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Boston, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Charlotte, Orlando, Dallas, Louisville, Memphis, Saint Louis, London

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