How to get the Best Results from your Audios

If possible, listen when your mind is fresh, alert and awake.

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is usually most effective when you are not too tired or drowsy.
Some people do feel sleepy during trance, but the mind should still remain clear and receptive.
Hypnotic sleep is quite different to normal sleep because you do not lose consciousness or awareness.
If the only time you have is just before bed, then allow that to be OK.

Sit in a semi-upright position

For most people (but not everyone) a semi-upright position is better than lying down – this applies to any kind of self hypnosis audios. The main reason is to avoid the risk of falling asleep, because without the presence of a therapist to watch over things, there is little to prevent you from drifting into real sleep as soon as the mind and body start to relax very deeply. This is much less likely to happen if you are semi-upright, relaxed and clear minded.

For some people it is really interesting to discover just how deeply relaxed the mind can become while retaining consciousness – without actually going to sleep. This is by far the best way to approach listening to your recording. You may have experienced this deep mental relaxation if you have been hypnotized before, or perhaps during meditation, yoga or massage. If you have, you will already know what an incredibly blissful and pleasurable feeling it can be. If you choose to lie down during self hypnosis you may simply fall asleep and miss out altogether on this incredible altered state.

This is not a hard and fast rule, for those who are experienced in listening to hypnosis audio may find that they relax more easily and deeply if they lie down because they manage very well to stay awake and alert, so you may just have to experiment to see if this applies to you.

You may have often heard hypnotists on TV or YouTube using the command “sleep!” but they are referring to hypnotic sleep – which is much more like a daydream than normal sleep. Hypnotic sleep occurs when the critical mind relaxes and the automatic, unconscious mind is able to tune in, absorb and carry out instructions.

Of course, if you are listening to hypnosis to overcome insomnia you could deliberately choose to listen lying down as you will probably be delighted if you end up falling asleep and then you can use the recording as a method of falling asleep, instead of pills. If you wake up at night you can always use the recording to lull you back to sleep.

Choose somewhere where you feel safe, warm and relaxed

Your own room is a good bet, but traveling in the train to work will do as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable. Outside noise should not bother you if listening on headphones. Make sure you NEVER listen when driving, cycling or doing anything that requires your concentration.

Some people like to listen when walking or jogging, but if you try this, please bear in mind that you will always be asked to close your eyes at the beginning of the recording, and although this is not strictly necessary for everyone, your eyes may start closing automatically at some point, especially if you have listened to the same recording before. Unless you are jogging somewhere without roads to cross or obstacles in your way, it is best not to take risks and choose somewhere where you will be safe and be able to close your eyes.

Younger people, especially children, do not necessarily need to close their eyes to get the benefit of hypnosis, or to use their imaginations to the full extent, but for vast majority of people it is advisable. 

It is always a good idea to switch off all phones or put them on silent beforehand. If you are disturbed during hypnosis you will normally find you are able to wake up easily, though it may feel as if you are being roused from a deep sleep. You should then be able to continue listening from where you broke off and will go quickly back into a peaceful relaxed state. If not, resume from the beginning.

At the end of the session you will hear my voice wakening you and returning you to your everyday normal waking state, (except with a Sleep Audio) after which you should be able to get on with things as normal. In fact you will very likely feel refreshed, energized and revitalized.

Don't worry if you're not good at visualizing

Do not worry if you can’t imagine things that are described to you, particularly with regard to visualizing. Approach it the way you would when, say, hearing a story read out to you from a book or from the radio. All that matters is that you listen and let yourself imagine things (or not imagine things as the case may be) in your natural own way. If you see things in your imagination fine, if you don’t see things accurately, or at all, that’s fine too. You can relax, knowing there is nothing special required from you whatsoever, any more than there would be if you were listening to a story.

Listen regularly, at least once a day for the first 21 days

This is why it is so important to have a quality audio that you will enjoy hearing a number of times. The higher the quality the more often you will play it.Obviously you should continue to listening until you experience the resolution or change you are looking for – every day if you wish. My recordings have been deliberately created with repeated listening in mind. All my audios are specifically designed so that they can be enjoyed on a regular basis. Each listening should take you more easily and deeper into hypnosis and also take you on a journey through your imagination that you will enjoy and appreciate, as if you were experiencing a brief holiday or break. The aim is that you wake up feeling revitalized and calm, just as you would when returning from a nap or a short vacation.

Enjoy the Process and Watch for the Changes!

Hypnosis is one of the most powerful tools for change known in the world today.
You have chosen a wonderful tool to help you make changes easily and naturally.
Make sure you appreciate the effort that you are putting into improving your life.

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