Cool Down Hot Flashes


Hot Flashes are a classic symptom of menopause. And for sufferers, hot flashes can be a nightmare, extremely uncomfortable and embarrassing, lasting from three to five minutes.

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Hot flashes vary in their intensity and duration from woman to woman and are simply the outward sign of internal hormonal changes. During the menopause levels of estrogen fall dramatically and estrogen is involved in regulating the temperature center in the brain.

When estrogen drops because of the menopause, the brain gets the ‘wrong message’ and thinks that the body is too hot, creating measures such as sweating and heat loss (through the skin) to try to cool down the inside of the body. Some women find they have the horrible experience of waking up at night drenched in sweat.

Although menopause is inevitable, these Hot Flashes can last for years through the menopausal transition.

Because we know that the mind has a major influence over the body, it can be hypnotically trained to cool down these Hot Flashes.

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