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The Secret to Losing Weight for Good

One of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is to assume that they need to change their lives completely. They might decide to sign up for a marathon, join a gym or start a new crash diet. And while there’s nothing wrong with any of these choices, most people fail to stick with them. And that just causes more frustration.

More importantly, such major changes are not even necessary for sustained weight loss.

You can make all the changes in the world but if you don’t change the way you THINK, you’ll keep getting the same results.

These specially designed Weight-Loss Audios along with the step-by-step Manual, are creatively designed to RE-PROGRAM your mind to create lasting positive effective change.

Manual with 4 Audios - $49

Manual with 8 Audios - $77

Each Program includes

Step-by-Step Manual

If you have tried every type of diet with little or no success, then most likely what’s blocking you exists within the way you ‘think’! This special book helps you understand WHY you have been struggling and finally guides you down the correct path to healthy positive Weight Loss.

Audio #1

End Diets Forever! This Audio is one of the most powerful guides to easy and effective weight loss. It will reprogram your mind for permanent change and when listened to repeatedly it will take you to your ideal size and weight, with no deprivation or struggle.

Audio #2

Perfect for the Car! Can be listened to anywhere to help bombard your mind with Positive Healthy Eating Habits. Very effective if you drive a lot! And if you listen consistently you will actually feel the healthy changes happening, and the best part — there is no deprivation or struggle at all!

Audio #3

Lose while you Snooze! Messages are subliminally directed to right and left brain, deeply absorbed for supporting healthy eating – great for sleep or playing on your computer or phone!
All positive messages are embedded UNDER the sounds of the Ocean!

Audio #4

With the help of this special Audio you can  adjust your preferences for a particular food. Discover how your sub-conscious mind will help you make healthy choices so you can get rid of the excess weight EASILY. No diets, no pills, no hunger or surgery.

Receive these Bonus Audios with Jumbo Package

No More Sugar

Stop Sugar Cravings and you WILL lose weight! Break your sugar addiction once and for all. You will find yourself no longer craving those unhealthy foods. This audio will help you create a more positive attitude towards food and life in general.

Love to Exercise

Feel more motivated than ever before to get to the gym, go walking, get fit! Not because you have to, because you WANT to! Remove all the mental barriers to success so that you can actually look forward to consistent and regular activity.


Are you are sick and tired of putting things off? Do you stop every time you start? Do you sabotage your efforts and get upset for being lazy. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this is the perfect Hypnosis Audio for you!

Slim Trim Body

Create a New Slim Trim Body! When you see, feel and believe it, you can achieve it. This Hypnosis Audio helps you see, feel, and believe that you CAN be your ideal weight, looking and feeling the way you want to look and feel. These Audios really Work!

Changes You Can Expect

Eliminate addictive foods
Change destructive eating habits
Control PMS eating binges
Increase motivation to exercise
Stop sabotaging yourself
Increase your confidence
Eliminate procrastination
and a whole lot more!

These Hypnotic Weight Loss Programs by Diane Edwards
can help you achieve the results you've always wanted.
Discover the amazing benefits of Hypnosis Audios today!

Value of this package is $149


only $49

Value of this package is $224


only $77

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