Weight Loss Program: Manual + 4 Audios


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Weight – Loss Program

Weight Package

Why is this Weight-No-More Pro­gram so dif­fer­ent to all oth­ers?
There is a very good answer:

Most pro­grams offer just one type of record­ing — usu­ally the one that only addresses the sub-conscious mind.
I agree that most of our old neg­a­tive pro­grams do come from this part of the mind but we also do behav­iors con­sciously, and there­fore it is imper­a­tive that we also address the con­scious mind and all parts in between.

Imag­ine hav­ing a fool­proof pro­gram that includes all the parts!

This pro­gram offers 3 very Pow­er­ful Hyp­notic CD’S all designed for dif­fer­ent pur­pose
+ a Very Special BONUS

Most other Hyp­notic pro­grams only address the sub-conscious mind!


This recording pow­er­fully addresses the con­scious mind and can be used any­where at any time — in the car, while work­ing etc. This CD bom­bards the mind with pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions.

This recording is designed to be lis­tened to any­where, at any time, even while on the com­puter. Mes­sages are under the sounds of the ocean, so no one will ever know what you are lis­ten­ing to.

Here’s what you get!

* Full Step-by-Step Manual

* Audio #1:
Weight-no-More Relaxation

End Diets Forever! This Audio is one of the most powerful guides to easy and effortless weight loss. It will reprogram your mind for permanent change and when listened to repeatedly it will take you to your ideal size and weight, with no deprivation or struggle.

* Audio #2

Weight-No-More Affirmations
Perfect for the Car! Can be listened to anywhere to help bombard your mind with Positive Healthy Eating Habits. A must if you drive! If you listen consistently, you will actually feel the healthy changes happen, and the best part— there is no deprivation or struggle at all!

* Audio #3
Weight-No-More Subliminal
Lose while you Snooze! Messages are subliminally directed to right and left brain, being deeply absorbed for supporting healthy eating – great for sleep or playing on your computer! All the positive messages are embedded UNDER the sounds of the Ocean!

Eliminate Cravings
This very unique Audio contains a very special technique to turn off your cravings for unhealthy food and turn up your craving for healthy food….with no anxiety or deprivation. Start dropping those lbs easily!

+ Full Instructions on using the Program

Changes You Can Expect 

  • Eliminate addictive foods 
  • Change destructive eating habits 
  • Control PMS eating binges 
  • Increase motivation to exercise 
  • Stop sabotaging yourself 
  • Increase your confidence 
  • Eliminate procrastination 
  • and more! 

These audios can help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.
Discover the amazing benefits of Hypnosis Audios today!


Weight PackageDownload

STEP 1: Read the Man­ual:
This man­ual is the core of the pro­gram. It will teach you every­thing you need to know about why you’ve been struggling for long. You will learn how to take back control in a healthy and positive way.

STEP 2: Lis­ten to the Audios
Once you have read the man­ual, listen to Weight-No-More Relaxation. This Pow­er­ful RELAXATION Audio auto­mat­i­cally re-programs the sub-conscious mind, and can only be used while relax­ing. That is when the mind is open to all new and pos­i­tive sug­ges­tions. The process of read­ing the Man­ual and lis­ten­ing to this audios helps to re-program your mind so that you can start making changes easily and naturally.

Lis­ten to all the audio’s any­time you wish for on-going sup­port and re-enforcement:



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