Stop Smoking Bonus Package


If you follow all the suggestions in this unique Stop Smoking Program,
and use all the Audios as suggested — you WILL be a Non-Smoker
easier than you ever thought possible!


Complete Stop Smoking Hypnotic Program

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This is a very unique program as it includes different audios to address each and every different part of your mind. There is no other program like this on the market.

This is a very unique audio as it prepares you to become a Happy Healthy NON-Smoker. You start listening from when you receive your package and only up to your Quit Day.   Must be used only when relaxing or going to bed.

SMOKE-NO-MORE: Relaxation: Main Audio
Do you want to STOP SMOKING FOREVER? You CAN Stop Smoking and gain your health back with our  life changing audio recordings! Say a permanent ‘goodbye’ to cigarettes and a resounding ‘hello’ to health, happiness, and success

SMOKE-NO-MORE: Affirmations
Perfect for the car! This CD is designed to bombard the mind with all the amazing powerful feelings of a NON-SMOKER, while working or driving! If you listen consistently, you will feel like you’ve never even been a smoker, and the best part— no effort or struggle at all!

SMOKE-NO-MORE: Subliminal Ocean Sounds
Reinforce No-Smoking Messages while you Sleep! Listen to this while you sleep or on your computer all day long, to reinforce powerful subliminal, healthy, NO SMOKING messages. You only hear ocean sounds with the messages underneath. 

Full instructions are included with the  package.


Are you are sick and tired of putting things off? Do you stop every time you start? Do you sabotage your efforts and get upset for being lazy. If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, this is the recording for you!


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